Speaking & Presenting

We speak at various community events, organizations and schools focusing on mental health and wellness. We can also meet with your establishment to discuss how our knowledge and skills can best meet the unique needs of your event.

Some Areas of Focus

  • Careers in Social Work
  •  Women Empowerment
  • Self-love and care.
  • Trauma & Resilience
  • Parenting
  • Thriving Mindsets
  • and More

Workshop Facilitation

We offer a variety of workshops based on professional knowledge, skills and life experiences.  We can also develop a workshop to meet the diverse needs of your establishment.

  • How to Respond to a Mental Health Crisis
  • Parenting a child with a mental health challenges
  • Child mental health issues and it's impact on the family
  • The Importance of Assertive Communication
  • Boundary Setting in Relationships and the Workplace. 
  • and More

If You Have Any Questions

Schedule An Consultation 

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